The worldwide tried and proven morning after pill

When did you have unprotected sex?

How much time I still have to take an Escapelle Aftersef pill?

When did you have sex?

You have hours to take Escapelle Aftersex pills.


In most countries you can buy ESCAPELLE in pharmacies without a prescription.

We suggest you give them a call first to make sure they have ESCAPELLE in stock before making the trip.

If ESCAPELLE is available only with prescription in your country:

Visit a doctor’s office or clinic

The clinics and medical offices can provide you with a prescription for emergency contraception that you can take to a pharmacy to buy the pills. Some clinics may also have emergency contraceptive pills that you can buy directly.

You might need to come in for an appointment to get a prescription for emergency contraception. Ask your doctor!

Don’t want to go to your family doctor, because your mother visits him too?

If you are concerned that your doctor may notify your parents of your request of birth control, you can do the followings:

Search for „special emergency contraception clinic or services”. In most countries (in bigger cities) work services where you can go directly, 24 hours in a day.
Visit a bigger clinic in your area. But call ahead, that they can give you an appointment to prescribe emergency contraception.
Ask a pharmacist next to you, how you could get emergency contraception.

Can I check if I’m pregnant with a Pregnancy Quicktest before I take an ESCAPELLE pill?

No. Most home pregnancy tests can be carried out only after the implantation has begun. If the process has started ESCAPELLE pill is not effective.
Pregnancy tests are designed to detect the presence of the pregnancy hormone (HCG) in your body. If you’re pregnant, the amount of HCG in your body rises rapidly in the early days and weeks, and a home pregnancy test can detect this in your urine. But this does not happen within 72 hours after sex.

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