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Abortion vs. emergency contraception

Why is contraception much better option than abortion?

The unwanted pregnancy and subsequent abortion is usually a painful experience for every woman. Medical termination of a pregnancy (abortion) is legalized in some countries, and allowed only for medical reasons in other countries. But not getting involved into moral questions of abortion, at least the medical and psychological side effects of this operation should be enough reason to avoid it. Abortion involves an opening and dilating (making bigger) of the cervix (the top part of the womb). A medical tool is used for suction out everything inside the woman’s uterus, including the fetus (embryo). It is important to realize that you are undergoing an operation, and its effects and risks might be serious. Abortion can have an effect on your chances to get pregnant later, and fertility is probably the most important thing why we feel to be a real woman. Abortion made under not perfect medical conditions can results in getting infections, and not properly made abortion can have even worse consequences. For this operation you need to take time off from work, studies or your daily routine, which obviously mean that people in your environment might learn about it. Abortion is not just a simple medical procedure. For many women, it is a life changing event with significant physical, emotional and spiritual consequences. Most women who struggle with (or: haunted by) past abortions say that they wish to have been told all the facts of abortion before they had one.

Emergency contraception is a much discrete and safer way to avoid unwanted pregnancy. You can avoid all the negative experiences, risks and consequences of abortion with the help of an emergency contraceptive pill preventing the pregnancy itself. Think of emergency contraception before you opt for abortion!

Abortion vs. emergency contraception