The worldwide tried and proven morning after pill

I had unprotected sex / contraception failure

Emergency contraception is an effective mean in case of any failed method of birth control. If we have miscalculated a situation, or sexual intercourse happened without contraception, then abortion still can be prevented by ESCAPELLE within 72 hours.

Today couples have the choice of several different methods of contraception if they wish to avoid unwanted pregnancy. The greatest fear is by all means related to abortion, which represents both physical and emotional stress for women. Do not risk abortion use ESCAPELLE!

It can happen to anyone even using the safest method

Of the contraceptives available, the pill and the classical intrauterine device may be considered as the most reliable methods. In addition thereto, relatively efficient means of contraception are condoms properly used and diaphragms/cup pessaries applied in combination with spermicides. The least effective methods of contraception are the withdrawal method and the calendar method, by which almost one out of every four women will become pregnant within one year. All methods of contraception have their advantages and disadvantages. The most optimum way of birth control should be chosen by taking into account women’s physical and emotional condition, the particular situation and the couple’s relationship in each situation. Of course there may be errors or unintended “accidents” occurring during the use of the individual methods. In these cases we need to keep in mind that within a couple of days an unwanted pregnancy can still be prevented by the morning after pill, and much feared abortion can thus be avoided.

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