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We use withdrawal – (Pull-out method)

Although based on researches one out of every four women becomes pregnant when using withdrawal (pull-out) or calendar method, many still swear by those. But what to do if the chosen birth control method did not work as expected? Unexpected pregnancy and much feared abortion can be avoided even in such uncertain cases, by ESCAPELLE morning after pill.

The withdrawal method has probably been used since people have started to more seriously consider the avoidance of unwanted pregnancy. The principle is simple and evident: if ejaculation (sperm coming out from penis) takes place outside the vagina, then there will be no fertilisation, so no pregnancy. However, reality is much more complicated, because the male organism produces so-called pre-ejaculate also at the beginning of the sex, which may contain viable sperms. In addition, this method requires extreme self-control, which for the younger generation just choosing the withdrawal method most frequently is almost infeasible. Can you image that you have enough control to pull it out in time? It is likely that the Pearl index of 27 in case of typical use regarding this method is due to these two circumstances, the presence of pre-ejaculate and the lack of self-control. This index shows how many out of 100 fertile women using a particular birth control method have become pregnant within one year. So, according to statistics, the withdrawal method is inefficient in more than every fourth case, which actually is very high.

The calendar method is equally uncertain. This method is based on the regulation of sexual intercourses by taking into account the individual phases of menstrual cycles. The Pearl index of this method is 25, which is also extremely high, as out of 100 women choosing the calendar method as birth control, every fourth woman will become pregnant within one year. The length of the female period is all different, but according to observations, ovulation occurs exactly 14 days prior to menstruation, so the third week concerned could be risky from the aspect of conception. At the same time it is also true that ovulation can occur also spontaneously, at any time, therefore the calendar method will not be safe in that case either. It may also happen that a woman with a reliable menstrual cycle miscalculates the days, or has sexual intercourse during the risky week of her period without using any contraception. In such cases it is recommended to avoid much feared abortion by taking the morning after pill.

Despite their countless disadvantages, both methods are still very popular until this day. Although in the majority of cases it is the reluctance of men regarding condoms that serves as the primary reason, there are also reasons in the case of women that may not allow for more secure ways of birth control (e.g. oral contraceptive pills) to be used. It also happens quite frequently, especially in the case of one-night-stands, that there is simply no other method available. What choice do those have who still have chosen the withdrawal or the calendar method and there is a miscalculation occurring? Let us not forget that unwanted pregnancy, and even worse abortion can be avoided by using ESCAPELLE morning after pill.

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