The worldwide tried and proven morning after pill

How does ESCAPELLE work?

ESCAPELLE prevents a pregnancy before it is established by preventing or delaying the release of an egg from the ovary (by preventing ovulation) with the help of a hormone called Levonorgestrel, the same hormone found in many regular contraceptives. It doesn’t work if you are already pregnant and will not harm an already established pregnancy. The sooner you take ESCAPELLE, the more effective it is.

How does ESCAPELLE work?

Is ESCAPELLE not an „abortion pill”?

No, it is definitely not.

ESCAPELLE is an „emergency contraceptive pill” or „morning after pill”, that contains one common female hormone, levonorgestrel, a progestin. This hormone prevents pregnancy mainly by delaying or preventing ovulation (the release of an egg from the ovary), thus preventing fertilization. LNG EC has no effect on the inhibition of implantation, and do not interrupt a pregnancy (by any definition of the beginning of pregnancy), meaning that it has no abortive effect and will not harm an established pregnancy or the baby. The „abortion pill”, (also called „medical abortion”), is a completely different drug. Abortion pills are used later and work in a different way: they stop the development of a pregnancy after it has been established. The abortion pill terminates the established pregnancy then forces the uterus to expel the products of conception. These drugs are approved for use in early abortions but not in all countries. Use of abortion pills is much more strictly regulated than emergency contraceptive pills. Unlike emergency contraceptive pills, abortion pills can never be bought without prescription in pharmacies.

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